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Teacher Tami

I have over 10 years’ experience working with children and three teaching qualifications; including Montessori Foundation phase and TEFL.

I am a native English speaker from South Africa.
I am passionate about assisting children with their learning. I love learning and refining new skills, I enjoy being in nature and I love creative activities.

My dream is to become an irreplaceable teacher. I am committed to being an aid to life and lifelong learning. I am patient and encouraging.

I look forward to being your Teacher.

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Teacher Machela

My name is teacher Machela. I am from sunny South Africa. I love animals and nature. My favourite sports are horse-ring and hiking.

I have a bachelor degree as well as a TEFL certificate.
I have extensive experience in teaching English to children, ranging from ages 3 to 16 years old.

I am a friendly and patient teacher. I would love to teach you…I know that we will have so much fun in our lessons.

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Teacher Deano

Hello, and welcome to Jade School. My name is teacher Deano, and I am very excited to teach your child English!

I am from South Africa, though I have travelled and lived in many countries around the world.

I have expansive experience in teaching English to students, ranging from K-12, in China, Vietnam and online.

I am passionate about teaching, and I offer valuable, engaging and fun classes.

I can’t wait to meet you, and I will see you in our classroom!

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Teacher Michelle

I have been working for an online English second language company for a year and a half, teaching a variety of ages. I have learnt to teach and interact with students online. 

I have a Montessori Diploma and a 120 Hour TEFL certificate. Most of my experience I have gained from teaching, in a classroom environment. I have seven years’ experience teaching in different schools, with children from the ages of 18 months to 5 years old.

I love teaching, and my goal is making sure every child has the opportunity to learn.

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Teacher Bruce

With over 35 years teaching experience, I have taught English, Speech and Theatre at every level.

I have enjoyed watching youngsters and adults grow from the benefit of my knowledge and expertise. I can proudly say that I have had students accepted to prestigious colleges, performing throughout the United States and directing on Broadway.

I have always tried to mentor, guide and advise students about their career goals and how best to meet them. My strengths are in English, Speech, Writing, Theatre, and ESL.


Teacher Heather

Hello, my name is Heather and I am an English teacher from South Africa. I am TEFL certified with a love for teaching, travelling and a thirst for adventure. I have spent the last couple of years teaching English in sunny Vietnam to students of all ages and levels.

Teaching allows me the opportunity to be creative and to continuously learn and grow as a person. Through my teaching experiences and TEFL studies, I’ve developed critical thinking, classroom management skills and a passion for teaching.

My goal is to help you learn the language in a fun, positive and relaxed environment.  My hobbies include cooking, reading, travelling, photography and exercising.  

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Teacher Candi

Hello, I am teacher Candi-Lee.
Come and learn English with me, at the sea.
I am an experienced online English with a Bachelors’ Degree and a TEFL qualification.

I and am a native English speaker. I have years of experience teaching children ages three to thirteen from Beginner A1 to Intermediate B2.
In my classroom, there are a manner of ways in which to reach our students goals.

I love to use props and reward systems along with content related videos and games to make learning fun! The job is not done till the students have giggled once. Learning about grammar can be fun!

Come and find out more of what I have planned for you.

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Teacher Faith

I am teacher Faith. I’ve been working for almost eighteen (18) years. I have a background in customer service, sales and marketing, media production, guidance counseling and online teaching.

I’m passionate about the things that I do. I believe that learning is fun when you’re guided by a friendly, helpful and diligent teacher. I hope that I can be a part of your journey as you explore the English language.

See you soon!